Understand the Workflow

Create an engaging StoryMap about the story you want to tell

Step 1: Outline the story
Create a Word or Google doc (or even a scrap piece of paper!) to outline the story from start to finish.

Step 2: Plan what media to include
Once you have a sense of the story arc, think about what media will be best-suited to illustrate points in the story. Try to use different types of media (photos, videos, maps) and be strategic about where to use them. Gather the media together in one place so you’ll be ready to drop it into the story.

Step 3: Create the StoryMap
Log into the ArcGIS StoryMaps platform, create a new StoryMap project, and add your contet.

Step 4: Publish and share the story
Once the story is ready to go, publish it and share the link with your classmates or with the wider world.

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