Video Tutorials

These are some of our favorite videos for learning about the basics of GIS, created by folks around the world.

Table of contents
  1. Software Basics
  2. Coordinate Reference Systems
  3. Designing a Map
  4. Manipulating Data

Software Basics

The Basics of ArcGIS Pro
Geoinformatics, 2018
This video (~40 mins) introduces the basic processes and functions of ArcGIS Pro.

Coordinate Reference Systems

Map Projections in ArcGIS Pro
Jeff Sun, 2019
This video (~15 mins) covers the basics of checking and manipulating projections within ArcGIS Pro.

Specific topics:

Designing a Map

Make a Layout in ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS, 2019
This video (~ 4 mins) provides instruction on creating map layouts in ArcGIS Pro.

Make a Layout in ArcMap
Don Boyes, 2012
This video (~5 mins) covers methods to adjust map layouts and page orientation in ArcMap.

How to Edit Your Legend in ArcMap
GIS with Dr. Russel, 2018
This video (~13 mins) walks through the steps to create and edit legends in ArcMap.

Manipulating Data

Georeferencing a Historical Air Photo in ArcGIS Pro
Moulay Anwar Sounny-Slitine, 2018
This video (~16 mins) walks through the steps to georeference historical maps and unreferenced raster layers.

Linking Tables Using Joins and Relates in ArcGIS Pro
eGIS Associates, 2020
This video (~30 mins) introduces the reasons to perform table joins and relates, and it covers various methods to perform these functions.

Specific topics:

Videos curated by John Slaff, 2021-2022.