Example Maps

Curated maps that highlight cartographic best practices

For each of these maps, ask whether it meets the assessment criteria in the How to Design Your Own Map guide:

  • Is it easy to identify important information?
  • Is the layout balanced?
  • Does the map take into account optical center and natural eye movement?
  • Is it accessible?
  • Does it abide by the Cartography Code of Ethics?

Sunset Across the U.S.

Map by Rebecca M. Seifried, 2022. Designed for the “Build a Web Map” workshop on this site. View the original map.

sunlight map

Blue Jay

Map by Wanmei L (@MapsbyW), 2022. View on Twitter.

blue jay map

Seventy Years of Canadian Wildfire: 1950 to 2020

Map by Glenn Ingram, 2022. Submitted to the Esri User Conference 2022 by the GIS Certification Institute. View the original map.

wildfire map

Buildings of Yelahanka Satellite Town and Vicinity

Map by @thedivtagguy, 2021. Check out their tutorial, Visualizing Pretty Building Footprints with QGIS.

building footprints map

Two Nations, Over the Air

Map by Tim Wallace, 2011. View the original map.

radio map

UFO Sightings Since 1925

Map by John Nelson, 2015. View the original map.

ufo map