Learn the Basics of QGIS

If you’re brand new to GIS, this is the workshop for you! By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the capabilities of GIS
  • Open geospatial data in QGIS
  • Identify the coordinate system of the data
  • Visualize the data in different ways

Watch the workshop

Click the links below to watch recordings of this workshop on YouTube:

Most recent
March 13, 2024 - full workshop

Previous recordings
October 11, 2023 - full workshop
October 27, 2022 - full workshop
October 27, 2020 - exercise/tutorial demo

Workshop outline

This workshop is designed to take about two hours as a live demonstration. If you are working through the materials on your own time, it may take a bit longer.

Time Topic
0:00 Introduction
0:05 GIS basics
0:35 The QGIS interface
0:50 Break
1:00 Coordinate systems
1:30 Visualizing data
1:45 Practice / Q&A
1:55 Wrap-up