Tips, tricks, and fun tools for working with Census data

Table of contents
  1. How to Find the Right Census Dataset
  2. Where to Learn More
  3. Fun Tools

How to Find the Right Census Dataset

Census Surveys and Programs

Filterable list of all the Census surveys and programs.

Census Survey Explorer

Another tool for searching through / filtering Census programs based on geography, frequency, and topics.

Where to Learn More

Guidance for Data Users

Landing page for how-to guides, video tutorials, workshops and webinars, and contact info for everything to do with data.census. gov.

ACS Handbooks for Data Users

Collection of publications written for end users explaining how to use American Community Survey Data. For a general intro to ACS data, check out Understanding and Using American Community Survey Data: What All Data Users Need to Know.

Fun Tools


Alternate website for viewing TIGER data. Super helpful for quickly finding out GEOIDs for different geographies and comparing them across time.

ACS Statistical Testing Tool

Excel worksheet with built-in formulas that help you determine statistical significance, while also taking into account margin of error (MOE) inherent to all ACS data.